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Sustainable Design Process

What is "Permaculture"? No, it is not some tree hugging left wing conspiracy. Permaculture is a way of analyzing your properties attributes and deficiencies and addressing them in the final design-that's it. What if you have sandy soil that doesn't retain water yet you have excellent rainfall? Why not reshape the land to keep the rain that falls on the property. How do you choose the right plants for an herb garden? Can a stone herb spiral garden be of use (by the way, they look great!)? Can you grow much of your own food? If I grow their hops can I get free beer from the local brewers? Oops, I digress… Through my knowledge and my network of plant experts we can help. The process is fascinating.

5 Simple Steps

Site Inventory

What are your land's attributes? Great views, beautiful trees? What troubles you about your land? Seasonal flooding? Poor soil? The soil dries out in the summer? All of these concerns are addressed in our initial site inventory as well as the basic land and slope measurements.

Site analysis

This is where we take all that great information we gathered and start to put it all together. We access great resources like the US Geological Survey and watershed mapping to start to get a feel for your property. We do our basic drawings and then discuss our findings with you.

Functional Diagrams

Basic bubble diagrams of the design. This is the first physical medium to portray the design. This will be a very general sketch design that we will go over together.

Alternative Diagrams

Our number one concern is having a final design that we are both happy with. We will present multiple designs/layouts and come out with the best conceptual design possible.

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Design Report

Combining what we discussed from the diagrams, a summary book will be presented. This book will have a very specific design with measurements.

The Final Design

When we are finished you will have a design that will maximize (or minimize if you prefer) the sun, address your soil, improve water flow, show off your gardening skills or allow you to grow your own food.