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Toronto City Design Competition

As a student at Toronto’s Ryerson University’s School of Landscape Design we were invited to participate in a design competition for the redesign of the Gould Street area as it passes through the school. The City of Toronto had done the hard part in 2014 by rerouting traffic around the area creating a rather functional but confusing layout. The idea was to create an inviting pedestrian area for students and the public.

The school had opened the spectacular Image Arts Center in 2015 and it was a cornerstone of that area. Several interesting and unique buildings abut the area as well. Our effort brought in trees, a restaurant, sitting areas and trees to create a park like setting. I was teamed with Kelly Bishop of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Rick Walsh of St. John, Newfoundland for the project. I could not have asked for a better team. Our effort was a finalist and was displayed at Toronto City Hall for public comment. The end result is linked below.

Design Report

Academic Accomplishment

Jim is a student of Frederick Law Olmsted who is known as the father of landscape architecture and designed New York’s Central Park, Boston’s Emerald Necklace of interconnected parks, Montreal’s Parc du Mont Royal and Buffalo, New York’s extraordinary interconnected park system to name a few. Jim is a student at the well regarded landscape design school of Ryerson University in Toronto.